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Software Testing Courses

Master software testing with expert-led courses. Gain practical skills through hands-on projects. Propel your career in testing confidently.

Manual testing with Selenium (Java, c sharp and Python)

A manual testing course with Selenium covers test planning, test case creation, test execution, and defect reporting using Selenium WebDriver in Java, C#, and Python. Topics include element identification, test frameworks, and best practices.

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A Cypress course covers end-to-end testing for web applications. Topics include installation, test automation, and writing tests in JavaScript. Focus on test execution, debugging, and best practices.

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A Playwright course covers modern end-to-end testing for web applications. Topics include installation, test automation in multiple languages, and best practices for cross-browser testing, including Chrome, Firefox, and WebKit.

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Webdriver IO

A WebdriverIO course covers test automation for web applications using JavaScript. Topics include setup, test scripting, test execution, and integration with various frameworks and tools.

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Career Enhancement
Boost your career with our enhancement programs. Gain skills, insights, and confidence to excel in your professional journey.

Job support

A Job Support course provides guidance on workplace challenges, tools, and best practices to help individuals succeed in their jobs and advance their careers, addressing specific job-related issues.

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Interview Guidance

An Interview Guidance course covers interview preparation, question answering, body language, and follow-up strategies, ensuring job seekers excel in interviews and secure employment opportunities.

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Resume Marketing

A Resume Marketing course covers resume writing, ATS optimization, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and personal branding to enhance job search effectiveness and application strategies.

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